2018 BMW X2 essentials: The smallest BMW X delivers plenty of driving fun


Debuting at the Detroit show last January, the new BMW X2 is a subcompact crossover, one of a gazillion BMW (and everyone else on the planet) offers. The xDrive28i is the all-wheel-drive version. The sDrive28i is the front-wheel-drive model and costs two grand less. Speaking of price, small crossover shoppers might well notice in comparing base prices that the X2’s is $2,500 more than the larger X1. No doubt an X2 M version is right around the corner. We even hear rumblings a convertible might come.

Key Competitors: Mercedes-Benz GLK/GLC, Lexus NX, Acura RDX

Base Price: $39,395 As-Tested Price: $50,920

Highlights: The X2 is new and rides on the corporate BMW UKL platform, shared with the X1, and the Mini line. So basically what you’re looking at here is a Mini Cooper Countryman/BMW X1 with a sleek body and a much nicer interior. Even though the X2 has the X1’s wheelbase and track, the X2 is fractions of an inch lower and 3 inches shorter. The X2 looks more like a lifted 2-Series hatch than an X series family member.

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